The Bonsai Basho Tool Club Shop

This is the Bonsai Basho Tool Club Shop. Tool club is here to offer Bonsai Basho Free Members the opportunity to buy tools, wire and other hard goods whilst they are on the site. Tool Club prices are not available to non members and we are not offering these prices in the open market.

If you are a Full Member (paid an annual subscription of £29.95) then alongside the other benefits, you receive an extra 10% off Tool Club prices. When you sign up, the shop knows you are a full member and reduces the prices just for you.

Full Members can expect to pay under £10 per 500g reel of aluminium wire and see savings of up to £10 per item on stainless Steel tools. This extra discount is only available to Full Members.

Shears, Cutters & Saws

Bonsai shears, scissors, branch & knob cutters, branch splitters, hand saws, leaf trimmers & wire cutters.

Pliers & Tweezers

All forms of pliers including jin pliers, wire pliers & twig & leaf tweezers.

Wiring & Bending

Bending equipment, aluminium & copper wire, tape, raffia, etc.


Trowels, soil scoops, sieves, potting knives, root hooks, moss trowels, etc


Tool bags & boxes, storage containers, gloves, goggles, etc.